Delhi Metro Sets Benchmarks For Commercial Properties, Diversifies Into Real Estate

Delhi metro has changed the way the city moves. But that is history! The latest feather in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC)’s cap is its real estate portfolio and creation of some world class commercial properties in Delhi.

Budget Disappointing For Housing Credai

The IT PARK at Shastri Park is one such example, which has done wonders for properties around. This unique building which is NBC (National Building Code) 2005 compliant is one of best intelligent buildings in the Asia Pacific region with a refined building management system in place. Built over a land area of 6-hectares of which 1-hectare is the constructed area, IT Park’ Block 1 is being taken up by Genpact (80%) with a few other tenants such as Central bank and Heritage Solutions, Nokia.

According to a DMRC spokesperson, they had to fight several barriers including the location of IT Park at what was then a down market, ‘close to Seelampur’ area. It was a tough job ‘literally’ too, as the land at Shastri Park was uneven and 7-meter below level. To level this area, DMRC had to perform an earth-filling exercise. However the conviction which DMRC had all along was that if an IT park could be provided for within Delhi and that too on the metro corridor, there would be enough takers. Still, the project has

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And the result was beyond all expectations- today there are over 3,000 employees commuting everyday to the IT Park in Shastri Park, from various parts of Delhi NCR. There is a surge in property demand from corporates as well and after the absorption of space in one block by Genpact, the second one will be ready by December 2007 and will be taken up by Accenture. Plans for Block 3 are in the pipeline and tendering is taking place.

The rental values in this part of Delhi here have escalated from Rs 40 per sq. ft per month to Rs 60 per sq ft per month and additional Rs 6-per sq. ft per month is further added over the rental value for maintenance. The coming up of IT Park has positively impacted the Shastri Park area, and has changed the profile of real estate markets- now malls are coming up in vicinity such as Welcome and Shahdara station. Another positive sign for Delhi properties!

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Property in Jaipur: a dream for everyone

These days Jaipur is being a dream city for every one for living, visiting and for doing business. If you are also interested to purchase a real estate property in Jaipur, and then grab this opportunity given by ‘Rising star builders’ and make your dream come true. Look here to know more detail.

As we all know that Jaipur is also known as pink city. It is the largest city of Rajasthan, where more than 3.9million people live. Since ancient times it has been a city of royal emperors and has also been an attraction for many people. If you also want to show your living status and enjoy a better living, then acquiring property in Jaipur can be a very good option for you.

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Jaipur is very famous for its tourist place and many people visit here to watch monuments, hotels, forts and many other places. It is a peaceful and perfect place for living as well as doing business. It is so because it centralizes for both modern and traditional industries. Along with this, Jaipur is also well known for export of stone, gold and diamond jewelry. Jewelry and stone of Jaipur are famous not only in India but all over the world as well. You can set up your business related to anything; this city will help you to reach in top. Presently, by all requisites of a metropolitan city Jaipur is a foremost business centre.

It is due to this reason why property by real estate Jaipur is raising its demand. People from various places are inclined towards purchasing property here.

The main reason of having real estate property in Jaipur is becoming the multi developed centre of every sector. Jaipur is considered as educational, financial, political, cultural and administrative capital of state. It is also the perfect place for education. Also Jaipur becomes the perfect place for investment as investors are happy to invest here. Many businessmen and industrialist are looking to purchase property in Jaipur. It is so because it is a fastest developing city of India.

It is an important decision to buy a property for one’s life. It is the transaction of huge amount and is purchased once or twice in life by majority of people. Now you might be thinking that where should you go for the best property. In this regard it is essential to know that ‘Rising star builders’ can be a very good option for you. Then you must know that today real estate property dealers provide various facilities like:

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Finance is the major area that a person looks upon when he purchases a property. If you want loan then you can get an option of home loan from finance institutions and also from many Real estate dealers.

Transaction process is also very simple, safe and transparent. You will not face any trouble while making transaction and in the documentation process.

You also get proper guidelines from the experience professionals of real estate.

Thus you will be happy to get property by real estate Jaipur. This will be very beneficial and profitable either for doing business or for living. Then what are you thinking for? Just go for it and register yourself on ‘Rising star builders’ and take its benefits. All the best!

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Upcoming Real Estate Projects in India

As time progresses, soil erosion demotes the face value of soil. But real estate is the grip which keeps this proven-fact at bay. And this real estate market is not stopping on the high growth curve and it is all set to be one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in India. Current and upcoming real estate projects in India are benchmarks of what a developing nation can offer to its architecture and physicality.

The growth has been in sync with human interest as well as bank interest. We all wish to arrive in life. Virtually every real estate venture in current scenario is looking ahead to ivory tower to offer a life of its own kind. We all derive lively things like peace, chirping birds in wavelike gardens, safe housing etc from the concept of peaceful and happy living. All the mentioned interests find a helping hand low bank interest to boot. This takes a cue from stock market gains, policy revivals and more demand in the realty sector. Commercial and residential real estate projects in this new India are basking into the glory of this new booming trend. India is ever-exploring new avenues in the form of SEZs (Special Economic Zone) and the biggest profit has been southwards when peninsular India has the edge of having maximum of number of SEZs. This paves way for great potential for real estate investment in the hearts of many and NRI are also not behind to join the bandwagon. After all, a great homecoming is an appealing concept. Players like AnsalAPI are always game with new launches which are present across the length and breadth of India. Noida, Greater Noida, Sonipat, Lucknow, Mohali, Gurgaon etc are the wonderful places to be in and real estate projects always like to tap in the new-lands. Corporate parks and IT parks could also be seen in these new launches of real estate projects and India is leaving no stone unturned for changing its infrastructure and looking to other cities is always a welcome change in any roadmap to development.

All these changes are the part of the great realty boom of India in the last 5 years. And one has full credentials from the current trend to foresee the same growth in the upcoming years. Satellite cities like Ghaziabad and places like Ludhiana, Noida, Mohali etc are already teemed with skyscrapers and lifestyle homes that walk in tandem with the most progressive and promising sector, IT, of India. Upcoming real estate projects in India also comprise of business centers, malls and hubs which are surely going to be secure places in the new launches’ list of any real estate player.

The economy is booming and going northwards. Why to lag behind when investment opportunities are good enough to offer 100 percent. As India is poised to touch 9 % GDP, it is feasible for middle class to give to buy a property a thought. Just a wish and wise advice, a property is not a dream anymore.

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Interior Design Tips for Dream Home

 A dream house should be dreamy no matter how much it takes. You don’t have to be richest to make your house look beautiful. So here are some interior design tips that may help you decorate your house and to give a mesmerizing look to your real estate.

Paint with elegance

Do you know the color of your room or halls influences our moods? Did you know unknowingly we will respond to colors when u enter new place for first time. So be careful while choosing colors or designs on the walls. Think how you want to feel while you enter your bedroom or dining hall or kid’s room. Choose bright colors to get that dramatic feeling but also make sure it won’t irritate your eyes. If it’s kids room, then choose lighter shades so it reflects light well which is good for their eyes while studying. Do you want a dining area to feel sociable and stimulating or appear formal and soothing? Warmer, contrasting and somewhat brighter colors add to a friendly atmosphere; deeper blue-greens and neutrals will give a more formal ambiance.

Go green and gift health for your family

Place pots wherever possible. If it’s living room then flowery pots, at kitchen then may be medicinal or vegetable or herbal plants. Plants not only make your house colorful but they also clean the air and absorb harmful gases. So you can gift your family and especially kids with pure atmosphere. They are the most inexpensive decorative you could ever buy.

Carpet flooring for that attractive look

You know, covering floor with the beautiful carpet not only adds beauty but also reduces your work of cleaning everyday. If you can be little more careful about spilling liquids on carpet, you can cover whole wooden or concrete floor with carpets. So once in a while you can clean the carpet which reduces a big head ache of cleaning daily. And if you have small kids or babies, you can make sure they are safe from falls or bumps.

Wall decors

Now days in market you can find lot of wall decorative items from stickers, mirrors, wall papers, art paintings, peel and stick decors, etc. If you are not so artistic then you can visit some shops and get ideas which helps to turn any bland room into an artistic atmosphere. Or simply place your family pictures in beautiful frames and arrange them in a style which increases love in your family.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture’s add a grand look to any house; they may make any room look bigger or smaller based on our choice. And it’s also necessary to select good quality modular wooden furniture’s which are durable. Adding a swing to the balcony or living room can make it look more appealing and relaxing when you come home tired. A single piece of dramatic furniture can easily dictate the look of a room. So get those exotic furniture’s from a famous home décor shops and add fabulous when buy a house.

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Faridabad Property Market: Is It Worth Going For?

When it comes to buying a house in Delhi NCR, Faridabad comes as quiet an affordable option. While buying one’s dream home in Delhi or Gurgaon has become a dream for many, Faridabad can be a good alternative. This industrial town started making its mark in realty circuits only a few years back, and today, it has become the focus of attention for India’s renowned builders and developers.

Faridabad real estate is primarily a end-user’s market, with little scope for investors. The reason for this is low price appreciation. While buyers with mid-income groups find it a gainful place to roll out money, long-term investors still find it a non-productive option the city’s realty market picked up over years, but still, it cannot hold candle to the tier- 1 metropolitans of North India. There are several factors behind it. Low employment generation has not gone well with professions seeking jobs in IT/ITeS sectors. Faridabad is primarily an industrial town, with more jobs concentrated in that sector only.

Another reason why real estate Faridabad has not really picked up is its liquidity crisis. Delayed and below-par construction quality has not gone well with buyers’ sentiments. Procrastination on part of developers has made the property-seekers wait endlessly. Most of the new developments in Greater Faridabad or Neharpar suffer from delays. With an increase in cost of construction and high inflationary rates, developers with mid-segment projects find it difficult to get their projects launched. Unnecessary approval hold-backs make the situation worse.

Then, there are connectivity issues. Though Faridabad sits at a convenient distance from both Delhi and Gurgaon, to-and-fro commutation on daily basis is still a big problem The proposed expressways have either been delayed indefinitely or have been scrapped. FNG Expressway that was conceived way back in 1993 has been scrapped; even then, developers are selling their projects in its name. Work on Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway (KMP in short) has not completed in spite of its initiation in 2007.

In spite of the tardy completions, low demand and dismal appreciation rate, Faridabad, still, has seen the emergence of some high-growth areas. Surajkund, a green industrial town, has witnessed an upsurge in price rates. The average per square feet rate here is around 7000/-, while the rest of the Faridabad carries much lower values. Other areas that have come in the radar of buyers are New Industrial Town (NIT), Green Valley, Sainik Colony, and Dayal Basti.

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The real estate market at Kundli in Haryana’s Sonipat district holds great potential

The real estate market at Kundli in Haryana’s Sonipat district holds great potential, thanks to several ongoing and proposed development projects in the region. These include the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway, the Rs 5,000-crore Rajiv Gandhi Education City at Sonipat, the 100-metre-wide road from the IGI Airport to Narela, improved rail connectivity (Kundli is to have a metro stop as part of a rapid rail transport system), a proposed logistic park, and a textile park.

The premier developer in the Kundli region is the TDI Group. with the 1,250-acre land bank. Others include Parsvnath Developers, Maxheights Dreams Homes, Ansal Properties, Omaxe, Parker Group, Raheja Malls, Eldeco County, Anant Raj, Tulip Infrastructure, Collage Group, Eros Group, AJS Builders, Divine Group, Big Jos, Shree Vardhman and Jindal Greens.

Investment potential

The Kundli-Sonipat belt offers moderate-to-good returns on investment in absolute terms. However, the return on investment (RoI) on real estate is lower than elsewhere in the national capital region (NCR) such as Noida and Gurgaon. The average plot price is a little more than Rs 25,000 a sq yard – a huge jump from Rs 5,000 a sq yard, which the region commanded a few years ago when the projects were first launched.

There has been 30-40 per cent appreciation in apartment rates since 2007-08, implying the annual property appreciation rate has been in the range of 6-10 per cent on an average. During the same period, property rates in Noida and Gurgaon have more than doubled. The current rates for commercial property are upwards of Rs 8,000 a sq ft and are likely to maintain growth, albeit at a slow pace.

The flip side

Despite the initial euphoria, many of the infrastructure projects of the Kundli-Sonipat region have witnessed extremely slow progress. Due to the delay in the KMP Expressway, the property market in the region has not taken off with the initially anticipated speed. The region lacks critical mass in terms of population, and is yet to emerge as a preferred office destination for IT/ITeS organisations. The occupancy level in the existing projects is just around 25 per cent.

Signs of basic infrastructure such as schools and hospitals are yet to make a mark in the region. The affordability tag is gradually losing relevance, though the price points at Kundli are still lower, compared to other areas in the NCR.


This region has great potential thanks to its proximity to North Delhi and the Delhi borders. Investors with constrained budgets can still explore Kundli. If the proposed infrastructure and development initiatives go on stream, Kundli can get into higher gear. Investors should maintain an investment of property horizon of three-five years to realise a decent RoI.

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User-friendly Online Real Estate portal

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Commercial Properties For Sale in Sonipat

Sonepat is one in each of the evading on the capital. a couple of parts owe to the changing into nature of this spot like mechanical plants, shabby Land Rates, and is closer to capital other than as Gurgaon. Since, Sonepat is in like way OK joined by National Highway-1, examination the enormous potential is one in each of the key variables why a couple of organizers reach unit at the present foraying into this town. Sonepat general city, parker residency, jindal incomprehensible city, White lily residency bulbous plant Residency, parker shopping area and TDI Kundli so forward.

As displayed by resources managers now’s the blessed time to oblige an edge in business Property in Sonipat as you will get crucial yields on your theory inside the returning future. individuals zone unit speedier in hurting for properties here once the unimaginable advanced urban zones like Gurgaon, Noida and more vital Noida. Sonepat has additionally made as a primary standard move in Haryana once the forces had made the move to demand the redesigns of gigantic scale assessors inside the region. This has in like manner brought on adornment enthusiastic ardentness from the significant district division into making townships and neighborhoods.

As demonstrated the degree that talented calling insiders, Sonepat qualities a goliath potential that has not been progressed after in any case. its set thirty km south of capital, with reference to 10 kilometers from Dwarka sub-city and 268 km south of Chandigarh, the capital. inside the course of the last twenty 5 years the city has private brisk improvement and development. Gurgaon is one in each of Delhi’s four guaranteed satellite urban zones and could be a section of the capital Region. its among travel assignment of through Associate in Nursing turnpike and city railroad. Gurgaon is that the second most obvious city inside the Indian. the crucial solace from the capital, it’ll work considers with all the section fervor from the key legacy range. With partner foreseen railroad rail development that is alittle while later expected in Kundli, Sonepat can impact be as paying as several zones were in capital.

Individuals range unit speedier in throbbing for properties here once the broad progressed urban social undertakings like Gurgaon, Noida and more conspicuous Noida. Condition of Haryana and is that the mechanical and motivation behind fusing of Haryana. its the third most lifted for each capita budgetary extension in Bharat once Chandigarh and town. Gurgaon is other than the principle guaranteed Indian city to have with action spread essentialness association with any or all its families. its moreover the IT center reason & purpose of meeting of sorted BPO affiliations. Sonepat has in addition up as a central sharp center reason in Haryana once the powers had taken the change to manage the developments of immense scale specialists inside the locus. This has other than accomplished aide boundless essentialness from the key achieve division into making townships and neighborhoods.

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Residential Plots in Sonipat Are Available At Prime Locations Providing All The Basic Amenities

With realty prices in Delhi and Gurgaon hitting the sky, the action has shifted to other regions in Haryana which are being aggressively being developed by the state government. These areas not only offer affordable property rates, spacious and non-congested localities, enhanced infrastructure but are also close to the metros. One such aggressively developing zone is the Sonipat region. Residential plots in Sonipat have seen a huge rise in demand after the state government recently announced a slew of development projects worth over Rs 450 crore for the region and also laying foundation stones for projects worth Rs 150 crore.

The state chief minister has also promised to turn the Sonipat-Kundli region as a centre of excellence. The seriousness of this statement can be gauged from the fact that two of four railway overbridge projects approved for Haryana are in this region. Sonipat has already started attracting big time real estate brands that are already aware of the potential of the region.

Residential plots

Residential plots available in Sonipat are located in prime zones and have the advantage of a good road network. The plots here are wide enough and can still be bought at reasonable prices, if you compare them with Delhi NCR. Though these plots have already seen an appreciation in their costs, they still have not reached the sky high prices of Gurgaon. The basic infrastructure is already in place like hospitals, schools, colleges, market, petrol pump, etc. all available at short distances. They also offer different modes of payment, including onetime payment as well as making payment in installments. The facility of finance and borrowing of the amount from authorized banks is also available.

The residential plots in Sonipat-Kundli are being offered by various real estate companies. Some of the major developers in the region are TDI kingsbury, Ansal API, Jindal Real Estate, Eldeco, Parker, Omaxe, Parsvnath, Vardhman, Apex Developers, etc, who have a number of projects already lined up; other commercial ventures include IT parks, SEZs, a biotech city, a cyber city, a fashion city, and entertainment malls.

One can easily browse the net for gathering information about these real estate developments. One thing is for sure – Sonipat is rapidly growing as an extremely good residential and investment destination. This place still has large chunks of land available for development, and the good news is that an eight-lane express highway has been planned for the area. This would connect the industrial areas of Sonipat, Gurgaon, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, and Palwal and make the connectivity of the area excellent.

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High Dollar Value Invites NRI Investment in Indian Real Estate

In today’s world, people consider real estate investment as the best investment for future growth. At present, many Non Resident Indian investors have started to invest their money in Indian properties because of the increasing difference in the Rupee-Dollar exchange rates. This made favorable for the NRI people to invest in India as the reducing rupee value made the properties affordable for those people. During this predetermined period, investing in real estate in India by NRIs seems to be a profitable business whenever a gap in the exchange rates enlarges.

People who are living outside India but holding Indian password and people who are from Indian origin are permitted to invest in residential as well as commercial properties in India. Generally when compared to ongoing residential projects, ready-to-move homes are of huge demand among NRIs. The rules and regulations for the NRIs to invest in India are freed up by RBI and foreign exchange management. The NRIs can invest in and out of the country with the help of revised investment laws. The NRIs are mainly attracted towards first class construction properties in India.

NRI investors invest in Chennai for prosperity:

Among other main cities in India, Chennai is under the limelight of NRI investment. This is mainly because of the factor that Chennai is rapidly exhibiting economical development which triggered off multidimensional growth in the real estate segment. Another great reason to invest in Chennai city is that the lending scheme and affordability of the property have made possible for the NRIs to purchase quality properties. Until significant rise in the rupee value and stability in exchange rate takes place, the NRI investment trend continues rapidly.

NRI have to be cautious while purchasing a property because he/she is entirely away from the property. NRI have to check documents like land title, project approval, land price in the specific location, debt if any and lots more before purchasing the property. It is always safe for NRIs to buy a property from a reputed builder for safer investment. Even these people have to check certain details regarding the builders such as previous project of the developer, available amenities, facilities, physical and social infrastructure, area of location and connectivity. Amarprakash builder is one of the best real estate builders who offer all world class amenities and proper connectivity to all places. Palm Riviera Thirumudivakkam is the right choice for NRI investors because it provides various housing options including river view apartment, Island home, floating apartment, hanging flat, furnished home and lots more to choose from. Another latest project is Temple Waves and the builder has received excellent Temple Waves review from NRI investors.

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