Are you getting good returns on Residential properties of Gurgaon?

Residential properties in Gurgaon are on the rise day by day. Investors in real estate Gurgaon have seen a steady rise in their returns due to the ever increasing population in and around Delhi and Gurgaon. In Gurgaon, real estate investment can be done 2BHK apartment, 3BHK apartment, and the whole property.

Residential properties are those types of properties or land holdings that are usually dominated by houses (Single or multi storied). Residential areas are built to allow easy access for the owners and tenants to nearby shops. Residential properties in Gurgaon are on the rise day by day. However, many questions arise due to the burgeoning of these kinds of properties. Are these really worth investing in? If so, how good are the returns with these properties? What sort of investment can be made with these properties? Are they really that better from investment in commercial properties?

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How does an investment return work?

An investment, when made by an investor, on a property or plot, invests on it only with the hope that the money spent on the investment will be back with the returns from the investment. For example, consider an investor investing on a plot of land. The investor pays an amount for the construction and leases or rents it out to people willing to buy it. Therefore, by this process, after a one time investment, the owner keeps getting returns in the form of rent, and that is what is called as a return.

Are residential properties really worth investing in?

Residential properties in Gurgaon have reached their maximum, and so have the investors. Investors in Real Estate – Gurgaon have seen a steady rise in their returns due to the ever increasing population in and around Delhi and Gurgaon. Investment on residential properties in Gurgaon have gone up mainly due to the fact that there are many migrating people who do not tend to stay at a place for more than a year or two depending on their job or educational demands. Therefore, it is uneconomical for the itinerant to buy a whole house. Therefore, the investors come into play. They rent out for a long period of time and keep getting returns.

What sort of returns to expect out of a residential property?

Residential properties do not give instant returns, but rather give a slow return but a continuous one. People who usually invest in shares might expect quick returns and higher risks, but investment on residential properties in Gurgaon is exactly the opposite with the risk factor at a bare minimum. Returns can be made quickly by selling off the invested land but that is just a one-time profit, and need not necessarily be a gain. These returns occur over a period of around 2-3 years, where the investment’s return would have almost doubled. However, the returns are not a hundred percent, because the tenants might not be readily available. It takes time to get a tenant because terms and conditions from both sides should match. Migration is a major catch for investors, but even that backfires because of the aforementioned reasons. There might also be a lean period of up to three years, where no tenant occupies the residential property. However, the investor can either sell or wait for some more time, both of which have equal probabilities to occur. For more info you can also visit Global NCR.

What are the different types of investments that can be made on real estate in Gurgaon?

However, once an investment strikes a good return, it is often sold to another bidder who continues this and makes continuous returns. Thus, it is more of a cycle. However, anything and everything depends solely on the investor and their style of investment.

In Gurgaon, real estate investment can be done 2BHK apartment, 3 BHK apartments, and the whole property. Investing on the whole property is a high risk, higher return, quicker time type of investment made usually by constructors and investors, when they work in collaboration. A 3BHK or 2BHK apartment is usually invested on by other investors.

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Mumbai to Get A New International Airport

The city of Mumbai is a well-known commercial centre. The level of economic activity in the city is increasing day by day. The boom in the Mumbai economy is not only because of the local businesses, but because people nationwide and internationally depend on Mumbai as a prime area for procuring materials, products and services. In such circumstances, it is indispensable to have a good airport in the city. This is indeed essential because the first point of contact any outsider is going to have with the city is the airport. A highly styled and equipped airport will create a lasting first impression on the people.

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The idea of construction of the Navi Mumbai airport has got a nod from the relevant authorities. Bids have been invited for the same. In this regard, four bidders have been shortlisted namely – Tata Realty & MIA infrastructure, Hirandani & Zurich airport, GMR airport and Mumbai international airport. This airport is expected to be developed on the PPP format, which means public private partnership. 26% stake will remain with Cidco and 74% will be offered to private players.

Let’s take a look at the new Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA). The airport will be spread over 1160 hectares of land. This project will cost around 140 billion rupees and will be constructed in a span of 4 years. The airport will be able to handle a capacity of 60 million travellers per annum. The new airport, commonly known as NMIA will be one of the world’s largest green airports. It will offer world-class services for passengers and cargo. The airport has a provision of 2 parallel runways operating simultaneously to reduce traffic at the airport. The new larger aircrafts now available will also be compatible at the airfield. The location of the airport is such that it is going to be easily accessible because of the presence of a wide network of transport facilities. The airport is going to be built around large water bodies. This is going to give the airport a very scenic and appealing look.

The upcoming of the project has a lot of trickledown effect on the property prices. The property values in the area are expected to see an upsurge. The economical and commercial activity in the city is expected to increase multiple folds. The development of the airport will lead to overall infrastructural development in this area, making it a popular avenue for property investors.

In a nutshell, the NMIA is a beautiful combination of style and brains. Its classic design is going to leave many in awe and its functionality will ensure increased popularity among travellers. This project is hoped to become one of its kind in India. On completion, it will be able to recognize itself in the list of best in the world. The coming of the is not only going to add feathers in the hat for India, but is also going to prove a boon to people by offering comfort levels and standardized services like never before, especially in Mumbai.

Ramvati With growing market of “Luxury” projects in real estate sector “Luxury” apartments are the new buzzword, we discuss the definition of the word” Luxury” in apartments and we at Global NCR Flats provide the luxury and opulence you always wanted.

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Awaken Your Spirituality At The Holy Place Of Kalkaji

This temple is, therefore, considered to be very holy among the Hindus. The Marathas have rebuilt the temple as it exists now. A modern urban life has sprung up near the temple. This area now has all the modern facilities of a metropolitan city. The modern day life has ensured it remains within the midst of the humdrum of the city. You get all the comforts of the city.

Infrastructural benefits of Kalkaji

Kalkaji is well connected with other parts of the city with wide roads. Common people will get buses and auto-rickshaws to take them to other parts of the city. The area has good electricity service, offering a 24/7 facility. Metro railway connects this area with other parts of Delhi. It is the seat of education. Well-known educational institutes have their base here. This area also has some good healthcare facilities to take care of health ailments of the local people. This area governed by Delhi Municipality. A good flow of water is maintained at this place.

Economic Health of Kalkaji

 Kalkaji is still considered a Hindu place of worship. Thus, it attracts a lot of tourists from all across the country during Navratri. This contributes to the economy of the area. It is also a commercial place with many local markets and stores. It also has some shopping malls that have a direct impact on the economy of the place. This place is full of historical importance. Therefore, tourists come to visit this locality, contributing generously to the economy. This place has some star-rated hotels for the tourists. It also has some good restaurants for the tourists.

Real Estate Projects in Kalkaji

This area is a high-valued residential locality. The average price of a residential apartment starts from Rs 50 lakhs. You can get 1 BHK flats and spacious apartments of 2 BHK and more. If you have a fascination for condominiums, be prepared to shell out more. They are well equipped with luxurious amenities like health club, swimming pool, clubhouse, indoor and outdoor play area and others. However, if you are ready to settle for less, you will get the basic facilities of a lift, security, tiled floor. You can get 1 BHK flats within the range of Rs 15lakhs – 25 lakhs.

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Concerns of the Area

This is mostly a peaceful area. However, the residents have taken up some concerns like garbage disposal. Since the temple is nearby, attracting tourists, this place is often kept dirty. The local municipality has corrected the situation and put on stricter laws regarding garbage disposal. Women’ safety is a general concern in the area. Law and order has become more vigilant and offer various ways of assistance for women. This is one of the prime locations of Delhi. If you are planning to invest in property, go for it. You will get a good return on the real estate value. Kalkaji is also a good place for residence.

Manav   is a seasoned real estate advisor with domain expertise in Residential and commercial sector in popular cities of India.

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The Evolving Dubai Real Estate Market

Today, Dubai is not just becoming a hot spot just because of its hot desert climate but it is also becoming so much popular for its booming Dubai market. Since 2002, the Dubai real estate sector city’s property sector has seen tremendous growth when the government of Dubai announced a tremendous opportunity for foreigner investors or property lovers to buy property in Dubai. This was really a great chance for property investors to invest their income on any property in Dubai.

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According the Colliers statistics which was quoted in Global Property Guide, the time period from 2003 to 2007, the prices of Dubai villas increased at an average of 226 percent within four years, not only this, the prices of apartments in Dubai also increased by an average of 100 percent. This was really a great achievement for Dubai real estate sector.

According to Arab investment firm EFG-Hermes’ statistics, prices of Dubai rentals also increased at an average of 25 to 40 percent in 2006. But the government has imposed caps on rental price increases; as a result the prices of rentals decreased from 15 percent in 2006 to 7 percent in 2007, and most recently to 5 percent in 2008 for tenants who have occupied their apartments for two years.

With the growing popularity of Dubai and being as one of the most favorite tourist destination, it is expected that the Dubai’s population will double in the next decade. This prediction is announced in an article named as The Business last December. That’s why it might be possible that demand of buying properties in Dubai will increase at a high rate.

Many specialists and industry players are worried about that Dubai’s market might similarly crash because of high demand of property for sale or for rent in Dubai. The only solution is only huge developments in Dubai. Without enough demand to fill the loads of properties, prices are expected to fall hard and fast.

Today, the Trump Organization, one of the ground breaking developers in Dubai, has entered into a joint venture with the local-based company Nakheel for the construction of the 48-story Palm Trump International Hotel and Tower. This is really a great step to overcome this increasing demand in Dubai.

Still, the performance of Dubai’s real estate sector is not satisfactory but some experts stay optimistic and believe the market will stabilize this year. As there are so many factors involve like population growth and market regulation by the Dubai government that plays an important role in the performance of Dubai’s market.

So, if you are a lover or want to buy property for sale Dubai, this year will be a golden year to earn from investment in Dubai. So, just make some effort to search your favorite property for profitable investment. For more info visit Global NCR.

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Global NCR Real Estate Market Outlook

When it comes to real estate industry, uncertainty is the most important element when speculating on investments. According to the predictions done, the international real estate market is expected to slow down comparatively among previous decades.

The property selling Global NCR is receiving less demand day by day because of the availability of web based portals for providing Global NCR property listings. Today, getting an online listing is more affordable comparatively as it provides you many advantages that are visible to the respective client immediately and save a time for the international real estate buyer as well as potential sellers. Also, with the help of online listings, the property sellers can create attractive descriptions for their properties placed on the market and they can track the information of people who express some sort of interest in their estate. Because of these aforementioned advantages, online real estate portals simplify the whole process of buying and selling property; it acts as viable network connecting buyers and sellers from all around the world. Many of the property listing portals available both domestically and internationally provide a layout that is informative, interactive, simple to use and very easy to navigate for the customers – a new trend in finding property that meets your needs.

The international real estate agents should be always updated with all recent trends in the IRE property positions for the selling of properties. In 2011, the rates of properties will gradually get higher and is being expected to fluctuate hugely with the changing economic and political situations. So people involved in property selling activities should keep themselves upgraded with the Global NCR real estate community via interactive and helpful intermediates like online forums or online communities where in you can discuss things regarding the progression or downfall of Global NCR real estate trends. The information which you collect through these intermediates discussion is always without any bias and people share their honest opinions. Thus it is very important to be active among all blogs to grab as much as possible information related to ups and downs of properties.

The real estate agents should also involve themselves in the promotional part of Global NCR property selling and should be familiar with the art of presenting the property pointing out the exclusive features of that particular property. This way the buyers will be attracted towards the properties. There are many other ways to attract buyers which can be included in the portals. Also some important information should be included which keeps the potential home buyers and sellers informed and updated about the latest trends and situations of the property area.

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So, we can say that the latest trend of real estate portals has being proved to be very effective and helpful to both the buyers and the sellers. We can find international real estate listings of properties online which saves a lot of time in short listing the search of finding the right place from all around the world and then interaction can be done with the relevant person for the same. Finding the right house is one of the most difficult tasks nowadays which gets easy because of these kinds of portals.

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Hottest Property In Delhi And NCR

The Wave One is the recently introduced business development of the Wave Infratech Private Limited, which is among the foremost realty organization of India. The association works under the supposed business corporation Wave Inc. & has urbanized a selection of lavishness ventures. Having a position in designing superlative business, retail stores & shopping complexes the association has introduced its new venture to harmonize the international working ambience. The major USP of the Wave One is that it is positioned in Noida which is the outlook city of India. One of the uppermost metropolises of Northern Indian the city has appeared as the purpose of various business firms, telecom associations, outsourcing organization, different small & large associations, IT Associations and SEZ’s. The state government’s sanction to FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has enhanced the retail industry in the city, which is appealing major brands to have their branches in the township. Thus, they require of business and retail places are prospered like never before.

The Wave City Center is one more project of the Wave Infratech Private Limited and this is residential plus commercial project, which consists of all major amenities and world class facilities. This development lies in the close vicinity of all major places of Delhi and NCR the Wave City Center consists of two famous residential towers by the name of the Wave Irenia and the Wave Eminence. These are two most famous developments of that venture.

The Wave Irenia consists of 2 BHK and the 3 BHK of luxury flats and it is situated in Sector 32 and Sector 25 A in Noida. The Wave Eminence consists of 3 BHK and 4 BHK of luxury apartments, which spreads over 152 acres of large land area. It is going to be the best project ever of Delhi and NCR.

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Great Investment With Great Deals

The Wave One gets you the pleasure of shopping & leisure at one of the reachable and first-class places in Noida. With unmatched connectivity from several axis of Noida, Greater Noida & Delhi, the Wave One is the vicinity destination for the business organization. The tower is set to present matchless exclusive occurrence & offer a pleasing blend of high street shopping, mega plus workplaces, contemporary amusement and relaxation. The Wave One is situated in Sector 18, Noida and it spread over 2 million square feet of large land area. This is a 41 floor of the structure and it consists of all major amenities and world class facilities. All people are getting attracted towards this project because it consists of all lavish amenities.

The Wave City Center is the latest and the first of its kind of development of the Wave Infratech Private Limited. All people of India want to be the part of this grand project because it is the first commercial and the residential development. The building premises are spread over 152 acres of large land area and it consists of all hi tech facilities. This is going to be the corporate city plus housing space. This development comprises of many residential towers, out of which The Wave Irenia and the Wave Eminenece are the best housing buildings of all time. The Wave Irenia is the best residential building, which presents the 2 Bedroom, Kitchen and the 3 Bedroom, Kitchen large apartments to their esteemed clients.

The  Wave Eminence is the newest residential tower of the Wave Infratech Private Limited. This is the housing tower in the Wave City Center and it is situated in sector 32 and 25 A, Noida. The Wave Eminence is famous for its own amenities and grand facilities. If you want to make an investment in this grand development, then do hurry, this is a great chance for investment in Noida.

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Enjoy The Fun of Living And Working In The Projects Of The Wave Infratech

The Wave City Center is a wonderful residential plus commercial venture ever constructed in Noida. This grand project is spread over the large 152 acres of land area and it is situated in Sector 32 and Sector 25 A, Noida. People are getting all attracted to the side of this wonderful project because it consists of great amenities and world class facilities. This development presents many residential towers, out of which The Wave Irenia and the Wave Eminence are the best towers of this project. You will enjoy the world class living and working experience in this famous Wave City Center.

The Wave Irenia is the well known residential tower of the Wave City Center. They are presenting many amenities within the premises. This famous housing development present 2 BHK and the 3 BHK of luxury apartments of floor size varies from 880 square feet to the 1350 square feet.

The Wave Eminence is another world class residential development of the famous project ever constructed in Noida. This world class project presents 3 BHK and the 4 BHK of luxury apartments with a floor size varies from 3072 square feet and 4261 square feet. The Wave Eminence also offers close propinquity to all civic regions for the residents.

The Wave Infratech Private Limited offers the Wave One Noida, which is a 41 floor wonderful building structure in the center of the business hub of Noida. It is situated in Sector 18, Noida. It takes pleasure from the opportunity of being at the center of a flourishing business region. The Wave One is intended by the world notorious Brennan Beer Gorman Architects from the New York, the building is situated to present an occurrence like none other. A amalgamation of international expertise & the viewpoint of the India energy, the structural design submits with the proposes of Vaastu and Feng Shui making sure prosperity and accomplishment.

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Antriksh Golf View: A dream home indeed

Antriksh Group is a renowned real estate developing firm in India and has won accolades through various successful projects like Antriksh Green Koushambi, Antriksh Dwarka, Antriksh Noida and many others. The developers have now come up with two ambitious projects namely Antriksh Golf View and Antriksh Golf Links. Talking about the former, Antriksh Golf View is an ultra modern integrated township in Sector 78, Noida in the Delhi/NCR region.

Antriksh Golf View offers a variety of residential options in luxurious 2BHK/3BHK/4BHK apartments at lesser prices. The apartments are available in the size range between 975 sq ft and 1560 sq ft. the apartments have been designed by some of the best architects in the industry. The elegant design of the apartments is an evidence of the professionalism maintained by the developers. The living room in the apartment bears vitrified tile flooring whereas the master bedroom has been finished with laminated wooden flooring. On the other hand, the bathroom has anti skid ceramic tile floor finish as well as excellent quality finish. There is also a geyser supply in the bathroom. The kitchen bears a modular framework with a granite platform and a stainless steel sink. The electric system is composed of copper wires that have been concealed in PVC conduits. Apart from this, separate lines for telephone and TV have been provided in each of the bedrooms.

Antriksh Golf View is embellished with numerous amenities that make this township quite a luxurious one. As said earlier, it is a world class integrated township and surrounded by green cover and landscaped gardens with a grand musical entrance. However, the eye catcher is the exclusive lobby which is comparable to the 5 star suites. There is a club which has been designed according to the international standards with features like swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna bath, and many more. In order to provide the sportsmen a perfect platform, there are courts for games like badminton and volleyball. There are billiards and a snooker table as well in the club premises. For serving the purpose of social gatherings, there is a multipurpose hall as well as a shopping center to meet the needs of the residents. Talking about basic amenities, the entire complex has been made Wi-fi enabled in order to ensure excellent internet connectivity for the residents. To ensure a safe and secure living, there is a two tier security system installed in the township. Moreover, there is also an effective rainwater harvesting system installed in the township.

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Antriksh Golf View is located in Sector 78, Noida that is slowly keeping pace with the growing real estate sector in this industrial city. It is a few minutes away from the Sector 50 market as well as close to the Noida City Center Metro Station. All these amenities and the location advantage along with a well furnished apartment have made Antriksh Golf View a favourite amongst the buyers. As a result, its popularity continues to rise.

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Properties in Thane

A property in Thane offers umpteen avenues of lifestyle choices that render total comfort and a coveted life. These properties are located in most lucrative areas within the city and are well connected to almost all the major spots of the city.

Thane, once considered being in the outskirts of Mumbai, has today transformed into a major commercial hub. Properties in Thane have gained a reputation of having a very high rate of appreciation. Thane has today transformed into a very important commercial hub with the advent many major commercial names in the area. The suburb also offers a plethora of lifestyle choices like multi specialty hospitals, well reputed schools, multi brand retail malls, fine dine restraints and much more. Other than that, Thane also boasts of bearing close proximity to the most important city of all, Mumbai.

With the changing economic status of the city, many well known real estate developers in Thane have come up with a number of lucrative residential projects. These projects are created keeping the needs and requirements of the new Indian in mind. There are a number of projects that have carved a niche for themselves in the real estate arena. These living spaces are modern reflections of the changing choices and preferences of the modern settler. One such celebrated project is called Rumah Bali by ace real estate developers Puranik Builders. Known for having a keen eye on the latest trends in the world of construction, Puranilk Builders are the brains behind umpteen number of constructional magnificence all around.

Rumah Bali introduces you to Balinese beauty and steals your breath away. These Bali inspired apartments instantly take you into the breathtaking realms of Bali where beauty and solace coexist. Beautiful outdoors and carefully crafted indoors makes Rumah Bali one of the most sought after properties in Thane. Spread over a sprawling 10 acres, this project is the result of fine conceptualization by the best architects from Singapore. Located on the Ghodbunder Road, Rumah Bali is easily accessible from Eastern Western Highway and the Western Express Highway. Easy connectivity to Navi Mumbai and the new International airport further adds on to the projects USPs.

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Considered as one of the best developers in Thane, Puranik Builders have left no stone unturned to create a safe haven called home for you and your near and dear ones. Each apartment in the project is loaded with a plethora of amenities that weave a great living space for its occupants. Internal amenities like modular kitchen, exclusive patio residences, intercom system, high speed lifts, decorative laminated doors and much more, await you here. Apart from the internal amenities like aroma bed, cabanas, eco pond, party lawns, barbecue alcove, floating bale, swimming pools, kids corner, senior citizen park, meditation kiosk, amphitheater and more, ensure that one of the best properties in Thane rightfully becomes a great home for you and your loved ones.

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