Smart City: Introducing the Wow! Factor in Indian Township

The concept of smart and integrated technology is including all spheres of our techy lifestyle. The home appliances are smart, the cameras are smart and the phones are smarter yet. Recently the smart concept invaded the townships and mini-cities in the national capital region as well. A leading developer is building the first Smart City, NCR. The concept includes high end technology to solve, apprehend, and prevent the problems commonly being faced in a city.

The concept is hi-tech and gives us a feel of a science fiction movie. The theories yet imagined in futuristic movies, have begun to realize and are in their first phase. It is fascinating to know that all our electric & water supplies, home security, and traffic density would be monitored and controlled by sensors. This is being taken as the first advancement towards the ideal, all mechanized future. The auto mode in a camera or even an airplane has seamlessly integrated into our lives. No one would be surprised by a car being driven on autopilot. But an entire city doing that is a notion about which people are a little skeptical. Smart City, NCR that is yet to be realized and inhibited by people is promising this revolutionary idea in India.

The global concept of sensor-reliant automated infrastructural systems is to be introduced with the help of IBM Smart city, India. It is the interactive software that digitizes the town planning and also manages its day to day operations, automatically. That being realized, the buildings will switch on the lights for us, smart devices would prompt us about the best parking space available, the water supply would switch on/off automatically, and much more. The city plans to make use of sensitive transducers and sensors that would sense the various stimuli of the city’s day to day information. This information would be integrated in a central control network that would control the running of these operations and would send out apt signals to the users. The information from one system could also be used to modify the status of another system as and when required.

On a simpler note, you can get a notification as to when your drain pipe is going to clog, what is the pollution level near your house, when the right time to drive around is and which route to take. Funny as it may sound, but this has been realized by the revolutionary IBM Smart City, India.

This revolutionary technology is supposed to solve the problems that have been plaguing our anciently planned metros. This would mean that no water clogging in Mumbai, as a prior signal will be sent out when it’s likely to occur. No jams in Delhi as the alternative route would already be suggested to spread-out the traffic, efficiently.

Hence, it would be interesting to see the functional and successful form of a city like that in India.

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Buy Residential Property in Aurangabad Before the Property Prices Soar

Along with the rise in demand and the rise in rentals, there is always a rise in property prices. It means that if the current situation goes on for a while, then the prices of property are sure to rise, letting the investors reap better harvests. What is meant here is nothing other than the higher profit of the property investors. There are many property experts who say that investment in tier II cities or the second grade cities are better than investing in bigger cities.

When I heard their opinion that it is better to invest in tier II Cities, it was not digestible for me. And I was ready for an argument with them. And meeting one of those experts who support investment in tier II Cities I had not a small but detailed discussion on this. Then he simply asked me the average rate of a Flat in Aurangabad. As I was well aware of the property rates and real estate happenings here, I could make an almost accurate prediction. And so I said it almost correctly.

Soon was raised another question. He then asked me what the average rate of a Flat in Mumbai or Delhi was. When I said the answer to this question, I had little doubt in my mind that this is far higher than the first one. Do the higher property prices mean lower profit? That could never be I thought. (In fact I believed strongly and I thought that I had sufficient reasons to do so.)

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It is a well known fact that residential property in Aurangabad is far cheaper than the properties in Mumbai. As this si the case, you will be able to buy properties here in this city at far lower rates than in Mumbai. Does it mean that you are going to be a better investor? It does not, I surely thought to myself.

I was thinking that those who invest more always made higher profits. When a businessman invests Rs.100 Cr and the other investing Rs.10 Cr, who would you think to gain higher profit? You will surely think that the one who invests Rs.100 Cr. In the case of business this is quite very normal and common too. The more you invest on business, the more you get the profit.

How to know ING Vysya bank home loan interest rates 2015 against property?

When you plan to buy residential property in Aurangabad, you should have this in your mind that you are not advised to invest smaller amounts on this city but rather to invest on the same amount in different properties. Or if you want to calculate the amount of your profit, you may take the percentage of returns and the initial investment. If you do this also you will be able to realize what the better one is.

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Impact of Housing on Indian Economy

The housing and construction sector of each and every country is closely linked with its economy and the overall social health of that country. Apart from being a key growth driver of the economy, housing is the basic need of mankind. The improvement in the social capital of a nation is another major contribution of housing development other than GDP.

Impact of housing on GDP of India

According to several academic and business studies, real estate investments are the important elements that contribute to the overall economic growth of a country. The consistent housing construction investments is a bulk of all real estate activity and proven to have good short term and long term effects on any country’s GDP growth.

CHB (Chandigarh Housing Board) to Launch New 1700 Flats under affordable housing scheme Oct 2015

 It works like this, when new houses are build, new basic facilities are required around those such as shopping, entertainment, transport, lifestyle facilities, health care, education and other utilities. These facilities also require investment and creates new employment opportunities which in itself a contribution to the economy. According to the Economic Survey of India, 2012-13, the real estate sector contributed 5.9% of the India’s total GDP in 2011-12, registering a growth of 7.2% from the previous year. However India lacks Brazil and China in terms of amount of real estate production and contribution to the GDP. Despite of small difference in population of India and China, the variation in per capita real estate production is more than 3.5 times. The per capita real estate production in China is approximately USD 5,418 whereas it is USD 1,486 in India.

Impact of housing on employment

In India, housing and construction sector is the 2nd largest employment generator after agriculture out of which a 20-30% employment is shared by the real estate sector alone. In the last decade from 1999-2000 to 2009-2010 the employment levels in the construction sector increased from 17.54 million to 52.16 million as per the estimates of Planning Commission. In the real estate, there were around 7.6 people employed and the number is expected to grow more than double up to 17 million in 2015.

Impact on foreign direct investments (FDI)

During April 2000 and September 2013, Indian real estate sector attracted a total FDI equity inflow of INR 1,052 bn (USD 22.8 bn), according to the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion 2 (DIPP). Real estate FDI equity inflow is the second highest amongst all sectors and this amount was the 11.1% of the total FDI inflow in the country in all sectors. These numbers outline the importance of the sector in attracting valuable foreign capital to the country. However, in the past few years, FDI investors were stuck in complicated approval processes, which made the time lines of projects they invested in uncertain and their financial planning estimates went wrong and their ROI is affected badly. However, the newly elected NDA government in India is prioritizing the things and bringing more transparency in the whole FDI approval systems.

Impact of housing on banking and finance sector

India’s middle class population which have greater access to the low interest rates mortgage loans and increased disposable income are putting their money into the residential developments/acquisition. Apart from the sentimental value attached to a house in India, people are taking it as an investment option. Most of the Indian’s buy a home for themselves through savings not by the mortgage loans, which is why India has one of the lowest mortgages to GDP ratio globally.

The total housing credit outstanding in India stood at INR 7.59 billion by the end of March 2013. The RBI categorizes housing amongst the six priority sectors and has mandated that 40% of a bank’s disbursals need to cater to it. Despite most banks in India reporting double digit growth in mortgage lending since the past few years, the ratio of outstanding mortgage debt to total outstanding debts at the end of Financial Year 2012-2013 stood at 9.2%, indicating the good quality of lending to the sector, unlike the sub-prime loans witnessed in the U.S.A., which resulted in the global financial meltdown of 2008. However, despite the priority sector tag, lending to the lower most segments of the society availing loans of up to INR 5 lakhs constituted just 22.75% of the total lending to housing sector in 2010 as per data from public sector banks.

The loan outstanding in the real estate sector is also lower compared to other countries that have recorded real estate loans outstanding as high as 30%. The real estate market in India faces liquidity issues due to the cyclical nature of the sector and erratic supply.

Multiplier effect on other sectors

Apart from its direct contribution to the GDP, FDI, employment and finance sector, the housing development also has a positive impact on the other sectors in the economy. As per LIC Housing Finance Limited (LICHFL), 78% of the sum spent on construction of a housing unit in India gets added back directly to the India’s GDP by the virtue of spending on building material, architectural and interior designing, landscaping and even financing institutions.

Housing industry in terms of linkage to other industries ranks 4 in the whole economy with over 300 ancillary industries are linked to it either through forward or backward linkage. This huge linkage promotes the investment and employment at several levels in these industries as well.

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Basics of Using a Deed of Trust to Finance Real Estate

A deed of trust is a legally-binding agreement utilized by lenders to document information regarding real estate loans. The contract contains names and contact information of all parties involved in the transaction, along with payment terms.

A deed of trust is comparable to mortgage loans with one significant variance. Any time a trust deed is utilized the lender retains title until the bank loan obligation is fulfilled. When mortgages are used, the mortgagor retains title and lenders place a lien against the real estate until the note is paid.

Further distinctions between deeds vs. mortgages are deeds consist of three entities including the lender, borrower, and trustee. Loan companies can be banks, credit unions, private investors, or hard money lenders.

When a deed of trust is established the lender is assigned as the beneficiary on the property title. The majority of time, the trustee is the title company insuring the real estate during the sale process. The trustee is never included in the loan process unless mortgagors go into default.

In the event of default, the trustee is in charge of filing a notice of default. NOD notices demand mortgagors pay the full outstanding balance of the loan or experience foreclosure. Most banks do not really require mortgagors to payoff the home loan, but do require they cure mortgage arrears to retain their loan.

Sometimes circumstances dictate mortgagors apply for a home loan modification or mortgage refinance to cure outstanding balances. Other alternatives include mortgage forbearance or deferred payments that let mortgagors miss a few installments without being fined.

Borrowers who are no longer capable of paying loan installments are allowed to sell property without court consent. This is referred to as ‘power of sale foreclosure’ and repossession of realty can be fast. This kind of foreclosure usually takes place within two months from the initial date of the notice of default letter.

Home buyers frequently fail to think about the consequences associated with loan default. The truth is loan default needs to be a strong consideration when entering into deed of trust agreements. When default occurs not only do buyers lose the real estate, they also encounter serious harm to their credit.

Banking institutions will only offer foreclosure prevention practices in the event it is financially worthwhile for them to maintain the loan. If banks believe mortgagors will be unable to comply with loan default remedies or if maintaining the loan is too expensive they can reject requests to modify deed contract terms.

Even though foreclosure proceedings are expensive and time-consuming, there are circumstances that make liquidating the property through foreclosure auction more profitable than letting mortgagors carry on with loan payments.

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The major advantage of obtaining financing using a deed of trust is if foreclosure does happen banks cannot go after mortgagors for deficiency amounts. When mortgage notes are utilized banking institutions can hold mortgagors responsible and obtain court ordered judgments to ensure restitution compliance.

Home buyers cannot select between mortgage notes or trust deeds because these agreements are governed by each individual state. At present, 29 states utilize deed of trust when financing real estate, while the remaining 21 states utilize mortgages.

Real estate experts forecast that the vast majority of states will institute the use of deed of trust so they can enter into power of sale foreclosure to speed up the process of foreclosure. When mortgage notes are used, real estate repossession usually takes nearly a year and is financially harmful to lending institutions.

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NY real estate brokers-Experts to get you good homes in New York

Everyone needs comfort and ease in his or her home. A home is meant to give you rest and peace of mind. It is meant to make your life easy. If you are residing in a rented house, you should know the problems associated with it. The independence and comfort your own home provides you is above all. You can change your interior according to your will, you can manipulate the walls, you can renovate the floors whenever you like and you can change the doors and windows according to your will. Whenever a leak develops in some part of your house, you don’t have to wait for your landlord to send a plumber to you. Everything you can do according to your will and according to your ease.

Selling a House? Tax Changes You Need to Know

Looking for best property dwellings in Canada then the perfect place for your family is Richmond Hill real estate. It is an ideal place for those, who love nature and scenic beauty. Spread in an area of 20 miles near Savannah, the real estate here offers facilities of fishing, shopping, dining and recreation. You’ll enjoy the local sea food and the historic points of interest. The serene and peaceful ambience around homes for sale in Richmond Hill will attract your family and friends to come to you every weekend. The houses in here are surrounded by the natural environment to give you pollution free environment and calmness of mind.

Your own home is your own in every aspect. If you don’t have a big budget to purchase a home, you can get it financed and pay monthly installments regularly. These monthly installments will be a little more than or equal to the monthly rent you pay. Banks and financial institutions have made it very easy to own a home by providing loan facility to customers. You can get loan approved for purchasing or renovating your home or even buying a homes for sale in Richmond Hill.

Therefore instead of taking a home on rent, plan your budget and purchase a new home for you. You can take the help of NY real estate brokers to search a new home according to your need. The agents and brokers will understand your requirement and budget and will advice you if you should take a loan or not. They will search the most appropriate property in your area for you. To save your time, they show you the actual pictures and videos of the property, before you plan to pay a visit to them. They also help you in preparing your documents to get the loan amount approved easily.

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Real Estate Investment in India Is Really in High Demand

Real estate in India is in high demand as the number of inhabitants in India is expanding rapidly. There is a great demand for the properties particularly for the residential property. The commercial property is in less demand as compared to the residential property. The rate of the residential property is growing day by day and one can see a property value variance each day.

The property rates are not just growing in the prime areas of India but also in other locations as well due to high demand. Salaried people and even the people having low earnings have begun moving from their towns or urban communities. They are migrating themselves in different places far from the prime locations on account of these high rates of properties. Being familiar with this enormous demand in the property market, property developers are likewise demanding high prices for exceptional projects at prime locations with modern features and high-tech specifications.

Why Buildings Fall Down In Earthquakes

The realty market is extremely vibrant and all experts identified with this industry particularly the property dealers are utilizing this chance to get profit by offering builder units. They apply different promoting systems like publishing advertisements in news papers, property sites, showcasing through hoardings, campaign and much more. Among the aforementioned techniques advertisement through digital web sites are in great demand because of their expense viability and high reach.

Indian real estate has huge potential in almost every sector particularly residential, commercial, retail, industrial, healthcare, hospitality etc. However, the main developments in this sector in India are primarily the townships, residential units, offices, shopping malls, commercial complexes and retail stores.

The high demand of property has come on account of increase in purchasing power, favorable demographics conditions, existence of customer-friendly banks & financial institutions, professionalism in this sector and favorable reforms initiated by the government to attract international investors.

Investment in real estate in India is basically a long term investment providing low liquidity to an investor. Investors can opt for renting out their property to get consistency in returns. With this the burden of EMIs of loan taken for a property can also be reduced.

There are a number of banks and financial institutions who provide loans to the builders. For example, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra and ICICI Bank provide the finances to the developers and builders for development and construction of properties.

Investment by the NRIs in real estate market in India is also on the rise. Recession have minor impact on the realty sector in India. Therefore, this sector has been giving more and more investment opportunities for both domestic as well as foreign investors. The investment in realty sector in India is tremendously a beneficial endeavor, as the returns for the investors have almost doubled or have gained full profits particularly in the residential property sector.

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World Trade Centre Noida the Most Awaited Commercial Project

In association with World Trade Centre New York, Noida too will get its own World Trade Centre. It is a commercial genre project, located at a prime location in the city. It has all major locations of the city in close vicinity and is extremely well connected to the capital city and other metropolitans in the National Capital Region. World Trade Centre offers studio apartments, ranging from 350 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. these apartments are available as both furnished as well as unfurnished, as per the demands, requirements and affordability of the purchaser. Each apartment has elegant home furnishings with proper aeration, twenty four hour regular water and electricity supply, power back up facility, safe and sound electrification and fire prevention dealings etc.

List of Best Commercial Ventures In Noida

Apart from all this, WTC Noida offers various other facilities such as spa, gym, health care centers, ATM and banking facility, play grounds, sports courts, swimming pools, clubs, power backup, party and dining halls and many more. The place is also extremely natural because of the presence of the beautiful green scenery around the building. There are lush green trees and various beautiful forms of plants. The developers have also kept in mind to follow a few eco friendly techniques in order to provide the inhibitors with a healthy, clean and natural atmosphere. The place is thus not only modern and full of a lavish and stylish lifestyle, but will also ensure that the place is environment friendly, giving the inhibitors a fresh and rejuvenating space to live in.

World Trade Centre is a name that has been known for its high class infrastructure all over the world, and now with its coming to India, it is surely going to keep up to its name. Not only does it provide you with extremely stylish and modern residential and office spaces, but, at the World Trade Centre Noida, you will also get a platform to present your firm at a wider and global level. Apart from giving you well built spaces, it will also help you in business expansion. So, if you are on the lookout for the establishment of your company in a new work place, then what are you waiting for? Visit the project site of the World Trade Centre in Noida and be prepared to be amazed. You are surely to get what you desire and that too at affordable and profitable prices.

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Eldeco Shubhagyam – A Great Residential Property in Lucknow

India is progressing towards impeccable infrastructure development with skyscraping landmarked edifices. Being a high-class source of Information technology and software field, the nation is pacing towards excellence in myriad of other fields like drugs, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, and alternative energy solutions and automotive. This golden era of globalization and free trade has undoubtedly thrown new lights in the fields of real estate and groundwork development. This real estate company is giving a new definition to the cities with new skylines that transparently reflect the rapid progression of India among the developed nations.

Maharashtra’s conclusion to scrap Mumbai’s ‘Development Plan 2034’ to holdup many developments

It is a matter of great pride for Eldeco that they are making sure to deliver an aesthetic and substantial contribution towards the revolutionizing environment of beautiful landscapes in Lucknow. Eldeco Shubhagyam stands very pompously at the cutting edge of infrastructure and real estate development among wide range of commercial and residential buildings. The environment exhibits ultramodern standards in all the fields with all the topnotch amenities and facilities available around their buildings.

Eldeco Shubhagyam is a supreme housing project nestled amid the most influential regions of Lucknow. This particular project is an elevated rise in the residential complex, available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK spacious apartments. This multistory building is positioned exactly at Vrindavan Colony, Raibareilly Road, Lucknow. One of the highly notable features of this project is their vast spread refreshing greenery that relaxes both body and soul. This residential complex consists of 11 towers that are well connected with 18, 24 and 45 mt wide well-constructed and well paved asphalt roads. It also comes with additional improvement of being in close proximity to Hazratganj, SGPGI and Amausi Airport.

This arena delivers supreme lifestyle and unbelievable comfort in all actions of life making you fall in love with the place. Each and every space inside this area is dressed up beautifully with outstanding green garb, which is totally exclusive to this living heaven.

The homes are well situated comfortably with easy access to hospitals, airport, railway station, shopping malls and schools. This is a safe and secure edifice equipped with controlled entry and exit in every block. The gathering places are designed with round the clock electricity facility along with an excellent parking space for every owner.

Several additional features delivered by SDR Infrabuild include continuous supply of water, excellent rainwater harvesting system, underground electrification, sewage treatment plant and also storm water drainage facility.

With Eldeco Shubhagyam, Lucknow serves as keystone of original, modern and feasible Indian society. This dome develops healthy, welcoming environment where people from all religions and culture can have a calm and pleasant living. These are not construction with bricks and stones but SDR Infrabuild have incorporated their in-depth feelings and soul to offer their best to meet the expectations of their customers. They have keenly focused in preserving the nature and its environment and this is what pushes them to take each and every step towards the eco-friendly ways.

Thus, this masterpiece from SDR Infrabuild is a gift for its possessors like you. Come and make your living here.

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Invest in the Real Estate in Calcutta

This is a fact that Calcutta is running behind the other metropolitan cities in India in many aspects but this is not the same as far as the real estate industry of this city is concerned. The real estate market of this city is real somehow more stable than the other metropolitans in this country. Even many people want to have this as a profession and want to be Real Estate agents in Calcutta. The value of the real estate property is no doubt very stable and it is really very tough to speculate anything. The property value in this city can never be speculated. Nobody can even say that the industry is hampering any person as well. While going through any such dealings with real estate industry that is to buy Apartment and Flats in Calcutta and Sell Houses in Calcutta a person will definitely get some benefits. It is really a very advantageous as far as the business is concerned as a stable business always captures the investors’ attention in a very reasonable point of view. The real estate industry of the city really evokes the attention of numerous investors just because of the fact that this is really a very stable one. If anybody interested in investing some money on any specific property in Calcutta then it can be assured that this is going to be a very safe deal. According to many dealers any such real estate dealing is really beneficial for any investor.

All you need to know about NRI home loans

Calcutta real estate business is no doubt the safest. This is a fact that if you want to get a very heavy return then does not try to get any property in Calcutta as it can never fulfill your demands as far as the profit making is concerned. But sat the same time it can be assured that such a property Calcutta will never make you run in loss. This is a very stable real estate sector. The property value in this city is no doubt a little lower than any other city so better to invest for the stability not for any huge profit making. Even it is also very easy and profitable to Rent a houses in Calcutta. The risk of loss is also very in the real estate business in this city just as the city does not assure you to give you a huge profit. As far as the property valuie is concerned in the city of Calcutta the price is very low that may be commercial properties, residential real estate or retail outlets. Both the capital values and the rental values are more or less very low in Calcutta than the other three metropolitans in India.

Throughout the passing passage of time the investment property in Calcutta is really6 rising very high and this can be a very appreciable news for any investors who are interested in the properties of Calcutta or even have already invested a large amount of money in this city. The real estate developers have turned out to be very active and they are trying hard on various issues so that the price can be increased in the property sector of this city. There are various projects that are developing ion a very successful way in this city and not even the country men but a large amount of NRI people are also showing their interest in the real estate business in the city. They really find the properties of Calcutta very lucrative which is no doubt huge enlistment in the industry. There are really some extraordinary projects going on in the heart of the city.

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Locate the Property of Your Dreams on The Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna Expressway has been an ambitious project that was started to connect the two major cities of Noida and Agra by means of a six-lane, extendable to eight lanes, expressway. The project was planned to have started in the year 2001 by the then UP Chief Minister, Rajnath Singh. However, as everything happens in India, with a change in the regime, the project was stalled. Then, in 2007 the project completion was undertaken by the Mayawati government. The expressway which had been named as the Taj Expressway was renamed as the Yamuna Expressway by them, and striving through the government changes and red-tape, it was completed in 2012.

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Hopeful beginnings

The project which was undertaken by the Jaypee group was completed in three stages. First one completed was from Greater Noida to the Taj Aviation Hub. Subsequently it began from that point to another intermediate point between the Aviation Hub and Agra, the final destination. It was completed in May 2012 when the final stretch was completed by getting it to the city of Agra. It was inaugurated by the erstwhile Chief Minister of UP, Akhilesh Yadav. The exact point at which the expressway ends is at Kuberpur, on the National Highway 2, between Kanpur and Agra.

Some salient features

The major points that should be understood about this 165 km long, one of India’s longest stretches of controlled-access expressways, help to understand why the land on the either side of this engineering marvel is so much sought after. The project was commissioned by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority to the Jaypee group, with full contributions from responsible and reputed stakeholders’ contributions. Due to the construction of this highway there have been numerous employment opportunities that were generated. During the work and even after it has been completed, there are many jobs that have emerged for maintenance and toll booth administration. Jaypee group incurred an expense of Rs.2800 crores and the total expenditure that was incurred came up to about Rs10000 crores.

Advantages to areas in the vicinity

It has not only helped to make life simpler for the commuters who use the expressway, but also the various towns and villages in its route. There has been an influx of money for those who sold their lands and additionally, the project also developed the various roads stretching out from it to the different localities. This made the life much easier for the inhabitants of these settlements and increased the prices of the land in Yamuna Expressway too. The developer found the land lucrative enough to set up construction projects of magnitude. There have been a few open ended projects that have been planned for the further development of the areas, such as industrial development projects, land use for the institutional projects and also for mixed land use schemes.

Real estate expectations

The expectations from this expressway are precisely what make it such a financially profitable for the hordes of investors. The prices of the land in the area have been fluctuating and currently stand at about Rs.24000 per sq yard, but expected to go up in the future.

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